Hôtel *** Restaurant Artémis Brioude Hôtel Brioude, Restaurant Brioude

Our restaurant in Brioude

Our restaurant welcomes you every day of the week in a cosy and friendly setup, with quality dishes made with fresh and local produce.

Discover our dishes prepared with seasonal and carefully-picked local produce. The restaurant is in a natural and peaceful setting.





Our restaurant is located in an ideal setting in the heart of the Auvergne, for anyone looking for a meal in a natural environment. During the summertime, our shady terrace will please people willing to eat in the calm outdoor.

Artémis Hôtel *** Restaurant
Parc des Conchettes - Rocade RN 102
Flageac - Cohade - 43100 Brioude

Téléphone/Phone: +33 (0) 471 504 504

Latest Reviews

A halt is imposed on Artemis Hotel

1 July 2016

“The second passage by going on holiday with a reception always very nice, a very appreciated cooking a comfortable chamber and a very green frame. And when it’s very hot it is always very pleasant to take advantage of the swimming pool. A good value for money!”

Surprisingly good holiday evening back

9 June 2016

“We found this hotel restaurant a holiday evening back with a fabulous chef, served outside on the terrace fabulously, excellent cuisine fresh, outstanding dynamic service even late on a Saturday night. The rooms are a good value price.”

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