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Professional events

Book our room for all your professional events in Brioude. We have a fully adaptable room in which we can welcome more than a hundred people and even host several events simultaneously. All your company seminars, professional meetings, study days, inter-company meetings or schooling days are possible in our premises, here in Brioude.

Our study-day formula includes:

  • welcome coffee
  • lunch (with service)
  • room rental

Préparation buffet

Our seminar room can also be equipped with material on demand: a video projector, microphones, a white board and all the necessary equipment for connecting a computer and present computerised documents. Please note that all extra equipment is free but please ask us in advance.

Buffet dînatoire


Have access to a free and secure WIFI connection. Over ten hotspots are spread around the building offering optimal connection.

Our hotel offers a large private parking which can fit up to 70 cars and two busses simultaneously. You will therefore have no trouble having to find parking and facing all the problems when using public parking. Plus, our parking is video-protected which will allow you to leave your vehicle and focus on your event calmly.

Parking gratuit

Artémis Hôtel *** Restaurant
Parc des Conchettes - Rocade RN 102
Flageac - Cohade - 43100 Brioude

Téléphone/Phone: +33 (0) 471 504 504

Latest Reviews

A halt is imposed on Artemis Hotel

1 July 2016

“The second passage by going on holiday with a reception always very nice, a very appreciated cooking a comfortable chamber and a very green frame. And when it’s very hot it is always very pleasant to take advantage of the swimming pool. A good value for money!”

Surprisingly good holiday evening back

9 June 2016

“We found this hotel restaurant a holiday evening back with a fabulous chef, served outside on the terrace fabulously, excellent cuisine fresh, outstanding dynamic service even late on a Saturday night. The rooms are a good value price.”

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